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Mimer SoftLine

Mimer SoftLine gives you the ability to connect analogue devices over a LAN or over the Internet.
  • You can replace an old 4-wire audio line
  • You can send I/O commands
  • You can send serial data
All together opening up for many types of remote control. Where one of the most common are bridging of radio systems.

Mimer SoftLine gives you the ability to create a virtual four wire line and more.....

When connecting two Network Interfaces together over a network or over the Internet, a virtual four wire audio line is created. Along with the audio line you get an RS232 connection and some I/O-ports.

This can be useful to connect old base stations or dispatchers to radio switches. It can also be used for alarms or totally different types of connections, not always including radios.

Leased lines are expensive today, specially if they are long. Connecting the audio over the Internet instead will drastically reduce costs.

Mimer SoftLine can also be used to connect the standard control head of a radio to the radio at a long distance. For example if you do not want to operate your radio via a PC as you would usually do in Mimer SoftRadio. In this way a radio can be remotely controlled over the internet from a standard control head. Read more about this solution further down on this page and on the other SoftLine pages.

Mimer SoftLine basic setup

With the SoftLine connection you get:

  • One virtual 2 or 4-wire line for audio
  • One RS232 transparent data connection
  • Two logic I/O:s

One of the I/O´s can also be used for indication that the IP connection is active.

Brochures for all SoftLine
products are available from the Download page.

There is a presentation of the different methods to build a cross patch available here.

Cross patch Radio terminals with Mimer SoftLine

Sometimes it is needed to connect two radios together back-to-back in order to cross patch between different types of radio systems.

There are also systems that needs to patch two radios together that are placed at different radio sites. They can be of the same radio type and system or they can be of totally different types.

Below is an example of this. Using SoftLine to cross connect between a Tetra terminal and an Airband radio at different sites that are connected via IP.

Cross patch with SoftLine Air band / Tetra

All audio that comes in on one radio will be rebroadcasted on the other. Making a cross patch between Airband and Tetra and making a geographical jump from one radio site to another.

The radios can also be installed at the same site with just a TP patch cable between the two network interfaces.

Bridge radio systems with Mimer SoftLine

In the example below the two different radio systems on two different oil plattforms are connected together through a SoftLine cross patch connection.

Giving the personel on one platform the possibility to talk directly with the personel on the other platform.

You just need to set up a fixed talk group at each end that works as the cross connection.

The IP connection can be a customer WAN over fiber or micro wave link, or it can be the Internet.

SoftLine between platforms

Bridging two oil rig platforms

Video description

See our video describing the patching of a Kenwood digital radio and an Icom Airband radio through SoftLine. Link to video.

Alternative Cross Patches

Please also see our other cross patch products.
– Mimer SoftRadio with the option for cross patch activated.
Mimer X-Link, the dedicated interface for cross patch when the radios are at the same site.

Mimer SoftLine as a remote user -

Standard Control Head

SoftLine connection with Icom Marine radio

Remote control your Sepura or Motorola Tetra radio, Icom marine radio or Motorola GM-series radio, using the standard control head, for up to 150 meters from the radio, or longer using fibre cable or the Internet.

Read about the special versions of Mimer SoftLine:

Remote connection of a radio

If you for example need to connect a modern radio to a legacy radio system. You can use a 4-wire interface at one end and a radio purpose built interface at the other end.

Connecting a modern radio remotely to a legacy radio system

All audio that comes in on the remote radio will be transferred into the legacy radio system. And audio out from the old radio system will be transmitted on the remote radio.

There is no need for PTT information from the legacy radio system, the interface will react to the audio level and key up the remote radio.

Mimer SoftLine as a remote user - Speaker and Microphone

In this example a fixed mobile radio is remote controlled from a desk top microphone and speakers.

It is just a simple connection with audio and PTT so that you can transmit and receive on a radio that is “anywhere”. Connected over a local LAN or across the world over the Internet.

Radio remote controlled over LAN through speaker and microphone

Instead of a leased line

Connections that earlier required a leased line can be set up with the help of two SoftLine units.

The radio and the console can be “anywhere” as long as there is IP inbetween.

If you would like to get rid of the old operator console and use a PC instead, please see our Mimer SoftRadio products.

Using SoftLine instead of a 4-Wire line
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