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Motorola MotoTrbo radios, DMR and anaolgue

We have a kit for the Motorola MotoTrbo radios. In Europe (EMEA) they are known as DM3600/DM3601 and DM4600/DM4601. See table below for numbering in Asia and America.

The virtual control head gives you full control of the radio, just as if you were sitting in front of it. All buttons can be accessed from your touch screen, with the mouse or by short cuts on the standard keyboard. And you have a full display.

The radio can be programmed for analogue channels, DMR or even DMR TIER3, the remote control will handle all systems since it works as a remote for the display and the keyboard. What is programmed into the radio doesn´t matter.

All connections are made from the rear connector on the radio. The standard control head should be left on the radio and will work in parallel with the virtual control head.

As with all other SoftRadio you can operate several radios from one dispatcher and each radio can be operated from several dispatchers. Each dispatcher can also use other types of radios in a mix.

Network Interface: 3009/16
CableKit: 3022


The radios below and also other MotoTrbo radios, than the ones below, can be remote controlled through only audio and PTT, without a virtual control head. You then need the Network Interface LE and a cable kit. The operator software is the same. It will give you voice functionality, but no virtual control head or channel control.

Examples of use:

  • Local use when several dispatchers want to share one radio
  • Remote use where a dispatcher at one location want to talk to radio users at a different location
  • CrossPatch between DMR channels and other two way radios, like analogue, IDAS, Marine, Tetra or MPT.

Supported radio models:

DM4600 / DM4601
Also known as:
XPR5550, XPR5580,
DGM5500, DGM8500,
XiR M8660, XiR M8668

e-versions also work

Radio firmware:
We recommend the use of
2.30.01 or higher

Virtual Control Head DM4600

Virtual Control Head DM4600

DM3600 / DM3601
Also known as:
XPR4500, XPR4550,
XPR4580, XiR M8260,
M8268, DGM6100

MOTOTRBO DM3600-DM3601 Gallery
Virtual Control Head DM3600

Virtual Control Head DM3600

Motorola MotoTrbo radio with Network Interface

MotoTrbo radio and interface

Optional call control

As an option to the software you can add a Contact List and Text handling. This makes the use much easier if you have many private calls or text messages to send. You can even pre store text messages that you send often. Read more here.

Functions on the DM4600 VCH

Radio keypad

We have also added the keyboard from the keypad microphone on the Virtual Control Head to make it easier to make calls.

On the DM4600-series you can, in the radio, program the keyboard to be used for Channel Select as default. This is very practical if you have many channels in the radio. For example if the radio is programmed as a marine VHF radio. Just key in the channel number and press OK to make a channel change.

Turbo keyboard


Examples of menues shown on the DM4600 Virtual Control Head


Virtual Control Head DM4600-Series
Virtual Control Head DM4600-Series
Virtual Control Head DM4600-Series
Virtual Control Head DM4600-Series
Virtual Control Head DM4600-Series
Virtual Control Head DM4600-Series

No hardware changes are needed in the radio.
The radio shall be programmed for:

  • Cable Type on the Accessories Page, set to: “Rear Data Accy”
  • GPIO Pin #17 shall be set to Ext Mic PTT, active low
  • GPIO Pin #26 shall be set to “Ext Alarm; High”
  • Alarm to “Permanent Ext Alarm”

If your radio has different labels on the buttons than the European radios, please contact us and we will try to change the virtual control head for you.

Installations with the old radio type can be upgraded to run with the new radio by changing the interface firmware (4.148 or later) and running the latest Mimer SoftRadio ( or later).

System examples

One operator working with one radio

One operator working with one DM4600 radio. Through a VCH (Virtual Control Head) all the radios functions can be used remotely.

Three operators working with two remote radios

Three operators remote controlling two radios. One radio is connected throgh a repeater to the portable radios.

Two operators working with four radios

Two operators controlling a DM4600 with full VCH and two DM´s with fixed talkgroup/channel, plus one marine radio.

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