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Dispatcher Accessories

To make a system complete you need accessories.

Here are some examples we have tested and some that we have built. All can be ordered together with your SoftRadio system.
  • Micophones
  • Handsets
  • Headsets
  • PTT keys
  • Speakers
Operator at a chemical plant
Mimer SoftRadio

A microphone brochure is available on the download page

Heavy Duty Table Top goose neck microphone

We have built our own microphone that connects to the operator PC. Much more robust than a standard computer microphone.

The microphone has a very heavy base (900gram) to stand steady on the table and it has a PTT button that is very comfortable to use.

3110: Analogue microphone - Standard

Connects to the PC´s 3,5mm microphone port and to the COM-port for PTT. (Or COM-Port to USB adaptor)

3110/02: Analogue microphone with D-sub

Alternative with one common D-sub connector. Together with the cable kit 3156 it connects to a NetworkInterface so that you can have a remote operator with just microphone and speaker.

3110/04: Analogue microphone with Switch

Same as above but with a longer cable and switch that blocks the microphone when not transmitting. The purpose is when you need two microphones to one PC. Two microphones connects to the connection box 3191.

3110/03: USB connection and speaker

This version is our top seller, with a built in speaker and volume control.
This microphone has a built in audio card and connects through 2xUSB to the PC.

3110/05: Analogue microphone, no PTT

Same robust microphone and table top foot, but without the PTT key. When you transmit on the touch screen, or for use with totally different applications than SoftRadio.

3198: Gooseneck for Panel mounting

There is also an alternative for those who would like to install the microphone in a panel of some sort. This alternative does not include a PTT.
Connects through a standard 3,5mm connector.

3110 - Heavy Duty Table Top Microphone

Heavy Duty Table Top
Microphone 3110
(3110/02, 3110/04)

3110 connected as a side microphone to a Tipro PC.

3110 connected as a side microphone to a Tipro PC

3110/03 - Table Top microphone with speaker

Alternative with built in speaker and volume control 3110/03

Microphone 3110/05 w/o PTT

Microphone 3110/05, w/o PTT

Gooseneck Microphone Kit 3198

Gooseneck Microphone Kit 3198

PTT keys for different needs

3078: Table Top PTT

Many prefer a separate PTT-button to use on the table top.

We use the same comfortable PTT key as with the table top microphones.

PC connection through a COM-port. (Or COM-Port to USB adaptor) The box is 88x72x20mm plus the pushbutton.

3079: Foot switch PTT

To key the transmitter with your foot, inorder to keep your hands free. 

It connects through a COM-port. (Or COM-Port to USB adaptor)

3078 - Table top PTT

Table Top PTT

3079 - Foot PTT

Foot switch PTT

Headsets and Handsets

3145: Headset

You can use any type of PC headset. We have tested and can recommend the Jabra Biz 2400 Duo. It connects through the PC´s USB port.

Having a stereo headset is smart, then you can monitor separate radios in either ear, or phone line in one ear and radios in the other.

Together with the option “Custom Functions Panel” you can easily switch between using the PC´s built in audio devices and the headset.

Headset Jabra BIZ2400 Duo
3153: Handset

This is a USB connected handset with a PTT button and hook function.

Used together with the option “Custom Functions Panel” it can be set up so that the microphone and the speaker audio shifts to the handset when lifted out of the cradle.

If you are using the Tipro PC´s the handset can be, factory ordered, mounted on either side of the console.

3153 - Handset with cradle
3153 - Handset with cradle

Using standard computer accessories

There are a lots of different low end computer accessories that works nicely for the audio. You can pick them up in the nearest PC accessory shop. However if you would like to get a complete delivery from us we have microphones and speakers in stock that we have tested.

Just be aware that these are products that will not last “for ever” in a rough environment.

3080: PC Microphone

Standard PC microphone with a 3,5mm analogue jack to the PC. There is no PTT.

This microphone we have used at a number of installations.

Delivered microphone might vary from picture

3096: Speakers

Standard PC speakers can be used at a low cost.

Stereo listening helps if you have more than one radio connected. You can then for example listen to a select radio in the left speaker and other radios in the right speaker.

PC Style speakers

Delivered speakers might vary from picture

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