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Technical documentation for download

We have gathered all downloadable documents on the download pages.
This page contains all technical information and setup instructions for your SoftRadio and SoftLine systems.
Sales related material are found on the other download pages.
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Mimer SoftRadio

Setting up your Mimer SoftRadio system

Basic System setup
Configuring and using SoftRadio
Quick start guide SoftRadio
3013 - Custom Functions Panel
3046 - RadioCalls
3236 - Advanced Audio Messages
3154 - SIP Phone
3115 - Marine Calls
3151 - ATIS Export
3103 - Diversity
3202 - Virtual Network Interface
Local CallLog & SelectiveCalls v3
2862 - VoiceLog
Quick Start Guide VoiceLog client
3157 - RTP Gateway
2861 - NetworkRepeater
2860-series - RadioServer
Virtualised RadioServer
3125/02 - Mimer MapView,
Users Guide
3125 - Mimer MapView,
Client & Server Setup
3178 - Damm
2863 - StatusLog
Monitor Tx Audio
3110 - Heavy Duty Tabletop Microphone - Setup
3110/03 - Heavy Duty Tabletop Microphone with Speaker - Setup
Setup Instructions

SoftRadio Technical information

Technical Description
RadioServer vs. NetworkRepeater
Network Interface Standard
Network Interface LE-version
Mechanical Description
EMC Conformance
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