Connecting radios all over the world

Custom Design Products

We have a long experience in developing special customized electronic products,
especially RF and other test equipment.

You are welcome with any requests for development of electronic products.

Examples of custom developments:

Custom RF Amplifiers
mainly for laboratory use

  • Up to 2100 MHz
  • Up to 400 W

Telemetry receivers
Built for air to ground communication at test flights

  • Multi band receivers
  • Diversity

GPS Enhancers
System for enhancing the GPS signals underground and indoors

RF Tranceivers
Rugged data tranceiver in the VHF band

Communications panels
Purpose built for a mobile fire defence command center

Discontinued Products

TMR/TTM – Propagation test equipment
Test receivers and transmitters for propagation measurements.

A range of products for model tuning measurements used for planning cellular networks.

We give service and support for as long as there are parts available.

Mimer AuroraLight
A compact interface and software for connecting your Ericsson Aurora or Niros TRX3001 radio to a PC through the COM-Port.

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