Connecting radios all over the world

SoftRadio User Cases.

Scandinavian Airlines Systems
Mixed radio systems at an industry with MapView

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more about different SoftRadio user cases.

Here you will find information about a lot of installed systems and also some ideas for new types of systems.

Read more about where SoftRadio is used

Small systems
Learn about small systems

Large systems
Learn how a large system can be built

Public Safety Systems
All about different users that share a Public Safety network

Security Dispatch
Read about extra feutures for security companies

Learn how an airport or airline can benefit from SoftRadio

Offshore Systems
Learn how an offshore wind farm or oil rig can benefit from SoftRadio

Marine Systems
Learn about marine and offshore systems

Trains and buses
SoftRadio at a bus dispatcher or in a train

Command & Control Vehicles
Learn how a SoftRadio system can be used in a vehicle

Temporary Systems
SoftRadio can also be used at temporary events

Look at examples for Public Safety Tetra, all in Swedish!
Exempel på system för “blåljus”, all text på svenska!

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