Connecting radios all over the world

Interfaces for generic types of radios

In parallel with our line of interfaces that remote control the radios more advanced functionality we also have a line of interfaces, that will only handle the audio and the PTT. On the other hand this is often enough for many users.

These generic interfaces can be used both for single channel analogue radios or for single talkgroup radios in Tetra DMR or PoC systems.

Connection is done through E&M signalling on the radio, plus PTT. There is no need for a Squelch output from the radio. The interface detects the audio level.

Like all the other interfaces you can connect through all types of IP; LAN, WAN, the Internet, 4G, Satellite etc.

You use the same dispatcher software, Mimer SoftRadio, as for all other interfaces and you can mix and match with the other systems in the Mimer SoftRadio family.

Network Interface LE
Mimer Network Interface

Network Interface LE

This is the simple and cheaper alternative. It is as standard delivered in the small black box.

The small LE interface, is fixed for connection to the audio levels used by the microphone and the speaker on a standard fixed mobile radio or base station. It can only handle simplex audio. Neither hardware or firmware can handle any “extras”.

Optionaly delivered in the larger “silver box”.

Network Interface (standard)

This is the more intelligent box with more alternatives. It is alwyas delivered in the larger “silver box”.

The standard interface can be fitted with extra equipment to handle special signaling, for example DSC or CCIR, it can also be fitted with transformers to handle audio at line levels, typical 600Ohm/-10dB. And it can also be programmed for duplex audio.

Interface brackets


On the “silver box” there are two threaded holes, M4, on the front panel that can be used for panel mounting.

For both boxes there are also mounting brackets available.

Examples of use:

  • Local use when several dispatchers wants to share one radio.
  • Remote use where a dispatcher at one location wants to talk to radio users at different locations, for example a taxi company with base stations in several towns.
  • CrossPatch between one radio system and other systems, like analogue, IDAS, DMR, Tetra or MPT, when the radios are at different sites.
  • At a large system where the operators have both radios with a fixed talkgroup and radios with full function. In this way the most used talkgroups can all be monitored in parallel.
  • Connection to PA/PAGA systems.
Mimer SoftRadio
Network Interfaces, Standard and LE version

Two universal interfaces

System Examples

Operator working with a fixed channel airband radio

Operator working with a fixed
channel Airband radio

Base station connected with 2-wire to an operator over IP

The operator is connected over IP to the interface, the interface is connected through a 2-wire leased line to the base station/repeater

Local and remote operators controlling both advanced Tetras and single talk group Tetras

Operators working with a mix of advanced radios and Tetra radios set to a fixed talk group

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