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Marine radios Icom IC-M423/M424 & IC-M400BB

We have a ready made cable kit that connects an Icom IC-M423 (M424, M423G, M424G) radio to a Mimer Network Interface. This gives remote capability of audio and PTT. As well as channel change with display of the channel.

Through separate keys you can set the squelch level, high/low power, Dual watch on/off and there is also a quick key to CH16.

The radios built in functions for DSC can not be used. For those who need DSC there is an option for Mimer SoftRadio called Marine Calls.

All connections are made from the radios rear connector otherwise used for the Commandmic HM-195 (HM-195B/SW, HM-195GB/GW). The radio can simultaneusly be local controlled as a standard radio with its control head, microphone and speaker.

Network Interface: 3009/31
Cable Kit: 3126

The Icom radio IC-M400BB, that is a Black Box radio unit normally operated through the Command Microphone, can also be used. You will get the same functionality but no local control.

Examples of use:

  • Local use when several dispatchers want to share one radio
  • Remote use where a dispatcher at one location want to talk to radio users at a different location
  • CrossPatch between Marine radio channels and other two way radios, like analogue, IDAS, DMR, Tetra or MPT
Mimer SoftRadio
Icom Marine Radio

Set to channel 16

Icom Marine Radio

Set to channel 15 and
Dual Watch active

Icom Marine Radio

During squelch setting

Supported radio models:

  • IC-M423 / IC-M423G
  • IC-M424 / IC-M424G
  • IC-M400BB
Icom IC-M423
Icom IC.M400BB
Icom Marine Radio

Alternative orange display background

Please also see the page about Mimer SoftLine for Icom Marineradios. Where you can remote control the standard Command Microphone over the Internet.

System examples:

One operator and one marine radio

Example with one radio remote controlled from one operator PC.

Virtual Control Head Functions

Virtual Control Head Functions

Marine radio example

Example with two marine radios and one Tetra radio remote controlled from two operator PC´s.

Three marine radios with DSC connected to two operators

Three marine radios set up with one CH16 only, one multichannel and one CH70 (DSC) only.

The DSC radio is hidden from the operator and only used in the background.

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