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Kenwood NX5000-Series

We are working on a new interface that will remote control the 5000-series radios. The exact functionality is not yet certain.

For the moment we can offer remote control of the audio and the PTT, no channel change or dispaly information.

An advanced interface is on the way and is planned for release in 2018. The following functions will be available:

  • Channel change
  • Scan on/off
  • Select channels to scan list
  • Decode of private calls and emergencys
  • Display of transmitting radio ID

More information will follow.

Examples of use:

  • Local use when several dispatchers want to share one radio
  • Remote use where a dispatcher at one location want to talk to radio users at a different location
  • Cross patch between analogue radio and other two way radio, like Nexedge, DMR, Tetra or MPT
  • Cross patch between VHF/UHF
Mimer SoftRadio


Supported radio models:


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