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Mimer SoftRadio XL

SoftRadios big brother, for systems where each operator needs to control more than eight devices and/or needs special options.

Mimer SoftRadio XL gives the ability to access up to 30 devices from each operator computer.

The operator can monitor all radios at the same time and also connect telephones, VoiceLog etc without having to reduce the number of radios.

Grouping devices in tabs - and more

In SoftRadio XL the devices can be grouped in tabs. This can be used so that each operator has his/hers own devices, or list of radios, or it can be used so that separate tabs are used for different tasks. Maybe one list for daytime use, one for night time use, and a third for emergencies.

You can have as many tabs as you like and each tab can hold up to 30 devices. The same device can of course also be on more than one tab.

The tabs can be named by the administrator for easy use.

All tabs but the first one can be password protected.

Tabs that can be preset for different purposes

All standard options can be added like CrossPatch, GroupSend and PhoneConnect. The device panels can be configured to suit the users application, allowing buttons to be added or removed.

Your SoftRadio XL can easily be set up in different configurations for easy access to your devices. You can even move the device panels around freely to make up groups of devices. This can also be totally different on different tabs if you like.

Special options only together with SoftRadio XL

Mimer SoftRadio
Mimer SoftRadio with 13 devices connected

Mimer SoftRadio XL with 13 devices and GroupSend

Mimer SoftRadio with the device panels freely moved around

Mimer SoftRadio XL with the device panels freely moved and grouped

Multiple Hotkey

If you add the option Multiple Hotkey you will get the possibility to assign separate PTT buttons for every attached device.

You can use the PC:s keyboard or with an extra external keyboard on the side you can have all your PTT:s at the tip of your finger.

I/O Control

With this option you can remote control in- and outputs on the network interface from your SoftRadio dispatcher software.

Useful for burglar-,  temperature- or SWR-alarms. Or for example to unlock the site door.

Different network interfaces offer a different number of I/O:s. This is because the I/O:s are also used by certain radio types. I/O Control can not be used together with LE-Interfaces.

The text on each I/O, shown at the operator, can easily be changed by the administrator.

I/O Control panel
Small setup with I/O control
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