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Mimer CrossPatch

Making new connections possible.

With the Mimer CrossPatch option, radios can be connected together for a short time or for a longer period.

Mimer CrossPatch is an option that gives the operator the ability to Patch (cross connect) two or more radios together. This can be used for example as a connection of radio channels in different frequency bands or a connection of an analogue channel and a digital talk group.

CrossPatch helps migration from old to new technology when all users don’t have to change radio units at the same time. It is also convenient at for example a rescue site were fire men use one simplex channel on site and another for calling home to base. These two can be cross patched and the coverage area become
totally different.

Up to eight radios can be in the same patch. Each operator can make up to four patches at the same time. More with SoftRadio XL.

A radio that is hooked up in a patch by one operator can still be used by all operators. But it can not be hooked up in a new patch while still in the patch.

The operator that has made the patch is in control over the patch and is the only one that can disconnect the patch.

Patching also works between radio and other types of devices, such as phones, if phones are in the system.

Examples of use

  • Coverage expansion, connect a base station in one area to a base station in another area, or connect many areas together.
  • Cross band, connect a radio in VHF to a radio in UHF.
  • Cross System, connect an analogue channel to a digital talk group. Or connect a radio to a phone.
  • Tunnels, connect a long row of base stations together as one.
  • Storm Plans, set up new working groups mixing system types for emergency operations. Connect the fire officer with his Tetra radio to the Power Plants man in charge, holding an analogue radio and the SOS operator over the phone, all in one conference.
  • Migration, when half your staff have old radios and half are using the new system.
  • Phone patch, when a call comes in to the dispatcher that needs to be connected to someone in the field, that doesn’t have a phone or the mobile phone systems just don’t work due to overload.
  • PA-System, connect a radio channel to a PA-system so that a message on the radio also is transmitted on the PA.

See our video

We have made a video showing cross patching of a Kenwood digital radio to an Icom Airband radio.
See and listen to the video here.

Mimer SoftRadio
Showing two active cross patches

Mimer SoftRadio with seven radios connected and two cross patches active

Cross patch setup window

The window were radios for patching are selected

Cross system example

Cross patching two system types

Analog radios at Site A can be cross patched to Tetra radios at Site B.

The patch is manually set up and disconnected by the operator.

Oil rig example

Offshore example with a mix of radio types

An ATEX Tetra portabel radio in the local radio system can be patched to an Airband radio so that onboard personel in Ex-areas can talk directly to an aproaching helicopter.

More reading in the customer examples pages.

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