Connecting radios all over the world

Mimer NetworkRepeater

For larger dispatch centrals where many local operators need to access several remote devices over the Internet or a WAN.

The NetworkRepeater handles all logon to the remote radios, or other devices, with their respective Network Interfaces. This makes them appear to the system as local radios. Any number of dispatchers can then access each device without extra network load.

In this way the internet path will not be so heavily loaded as if all users would access all radios one by one, and there is no need for RadioServers.

Technically the connection over the WAN or the Internet is a TCP connection, and the connection in the local LAN is a UDP connection.

This is the right solution for large dispatch centrals with devices spread out and connected over WAN or the internet.

Delivered as software

Mimer NetworkRepeater is delivered as Windows software that can be run on most Windows computers or Servers.

Two sizes

The NetworkRepeater comes in two sizes in order to fit both small and large systems. The large version has a limit of 60 connected devices.

The small version “NetworkRepeater LE” is limited to accessing eight devices. The number of PC dispatchers is not restricted.

A device can be a radio, phone or an intercom network interface.

Several operators at one central working with radios at different sites

System with three radios connected over the Internet to a dispatcher central with three operators.

The NetworkRepeater connects to the radios and the operator PC connects to the NetworkRepeater.

Showing the TCP and UDP connections

Showing how the radios each connects with TCP to the NetworkRepeater and then each operator connects with UDP to the NetworkRepeater.

Options for the NetworkRepeater

Mimer SoftRadio
NetworkRepeater status window

NetworkRepeater status window

NetworkRepeater setup window

NetworkRepeater setup window

RadioServer / NetworkRepeater

In some cases a RadioServer is the correct choice and not the NetworkRepeater. In some cases you need a combination of both.

Read about the RadioServer here.

Download a description off the differences between Mimer RadioServer and Mimer NetworkRepeater from the Technical Download Page.


There is an option that uses the NetworkRepeater for intercom between the operators.

Further described on the Intercom page.

Hot Standby

For redundancy reasons you sometimes would like to put in two servers where one is in hot standby mode. This is possible with our special software that will switch over from the Master server to the Standby server if something happens to the Master.

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