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PoC Communication

PoC or “Push To Talk over Cellular” is becoming more and more popular. Most smart phones can be equipped with an application that gives talk group communication using the 4G/LTE network as the carrier.

For those who need to combine this cellular talkgroup with their existing two way radio system, we have a solution.

You will need a Mimer Network Interface connected to your radio system and to the Internet.

Through our PoC service partner “GroupTalk” you then get a connection to a cellular group conference.

Please note that this smart phone connection admits audio and PTT. There are no other remote control functions, like channel change, available on the radio from the smart phone.

Suitable Network Interface is 3130.

GroupTalk is a subscription service that you set up through

Please note that the GroupTalk connection works in combination with all other SoftRadio system functions. In this way you can build your advanced dispatch system with voice recording and other functions, plus the PoC functionality.

Examples of use:

  • When some users are far away from the radio coverage, they can still be connected.
  • When some users can´t carry a two way radio but have a smart phone.
  • When radio users and phone users shall be able to talk in the same talk group.
  • When a dispatcher goes away from his desk, he can still be active through his phone.

Typical users:

  • Airplane pilots when standing with the plane at the gate, so that they can be part of the radio conversation going on around the airplane.
  • Harbour personel that needs to listen in on what is going on, on the marine radio channels in the harbour.
  • Security companies that have only a few guards in an area and it is too expensive to set up a separate radio base station.
  • Transport companies that sometimes have rides that take them outside the normal radio coverage.
Mimer SoftRadio
Network Interface LE

Network Interface LE 3130

Cable Kit for Icom Airband radios

Cable Kit to the radio of your choice

Supported phones:

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • iPad
SmartPhone use
GroupTalk Application on Smart Phone

System examples:

GroupTalk users connected to a radio system through a Mimer Network Interface LE.

GroupTalk users connected to the talk group in the radio system through a network interface and a fixed radio.

GroupTalk users connected to a SoftRadio system with dispatchers.

GroupTalk users connected to a radio system in parallel with PC operators using SoftRadio.

Scandinavian Airlines Systems

GroupTalk is used in combination with two way radio on SAS aircrafts around Scandinavia.

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