Connecting radios all over the world

Mimer InterCom

Audio connection between operators at different positions.

Mimer SoftRadio will display the intercom, as a device, in the same way as a radio or phone. With a send button, open/close speaker and a bell for tone signalling to the other operators.

When transmitting on the intercom panel all other operators with the intercom speaker open will hear your message. It works like a talk group call, among operators.

You can have more than one intercom channel, if needed.

The InterCom function can be built in two ways:

  • There is also a special type of the Network Interface that is used for Intercom, for those who do not have a NetworkRepeater.

    If you would like to connect an external wire line intercom, then you need to build your system with an InterCom network interface.

Purpose built InterCom boxes for Command and Control vehicles

These InterCom boxes are used in Command Control Vehicles to get communication into tunnels and other places were radio will not work. These boxes will be connected to the same talk group as all SoftRadio operators with InterCom active. Several InterCom boxes can be connected to the same wire line.

If CrossPatch is active the InterCom call can be patched to a radio channel or phone line. Extending the radio coverage into “the tunnel were no radio works”.

There is also a possibility to connect two Command Control Vehicles together through the InterCom wire line ports when they work together at the same incident.

Mimer SoftRadio
SoftRadio with Intercom

Mimer SoftRadio with InterCom function

InterCom box for wire line connection to a Mimer SoftRadio system. There are controls for volume, tone alert call and PTT.

The InterCom box glows in the dark, so you won’t loose it in a dark tunnel.

Cable rolls for use with the InterCom boxes or for connecting the Command Control Vehicle to an ordinary POTS phone outlet.

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